DataSort: Offline Visitors Data Analytics Platform

Client Company

Major UAE outdoor advertising company

Illustration with map markers

Solution Description

A portal that allows analysis of history of users’ movements across specified territories, building user segments, and providing advanced analytics like:

  1. Places with users’ concentrations

  2. User interests and preferences based on the places they visit

  3. Customers’ loyalty

  4. Trends and variances

  5. Which competitors their users visit, and how often

  6. Other business specific tasks

Technology background

  • AI algorithms to identify a user's routes between venues;
  • API/AWS/FTP integration for exporting audience segments to DDP systems like Google Ad Manager, AdForm, Lotame, etc.
  • Big Data processing cloud for:
    • building audience segments based on user interests and places they visit (e.g., young parents, style & fashion lovers). Interest profiles development;
    • customer loyalty analytics: how often the customers return, the number of new/loyal customers;
    • identification of customer resident/working areas;
  • Competitors’ analytics & visualization in a high-performance web application: number of their visitors/customers; which client’s customers attend competitors; their other places of interest.

Results and Current Status

DataSort is now a full-scale platform, used by many clients including:

  • Outdoor advertising companies
  • Private schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Premium car dealers
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