OnSpot: User Geo-Location Verification

Client Company

US network of online casinos

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Solution Description

Mobile SDK that spots real user location by their geo-data (Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS) and reveals attempts to conceal actual location that violates US legislation.

With the growth of technology and the development of digital technique users find more and more opportunities to falsify their location. Standard approaches to determine the real position of the user may not be enough. Checking the location by GPS does not always work as the GPS data is very easy to workaround.

Modern ways of fabricating location include:

  1. Fake GPS Application usage

  2. Use of emulation systems

  3. Change of IP Address (eg., via VPN- or Proxy servers)

  4. Rooting of the device or changes of OS files

  5. Fake WIFI network identifier – BSSID

Technology background

OnSpot works as follows:

  • Checks location according to cellular, Wi-Fi data (for Android both the used Wi-Fi network and all the available W-Fi spots can be analyzed) and system location service
  • Examines data on the device (absence or fakeness)
  • Detects an IP change: the service updates the IP address every minute, and if the last IP address does not match with the previous one, then the device sends a push notification about IP changing
  • Validates user application

Results and Current Status

The solution has successfully passed all the stages and is now life and used by the client.

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