B2Connect: A Mobile Application For a Wi-Fi Provider in UAE

Client Company

B2 Connect, a UAE technology company that builds the world's first community platform of hand-picked products and services to connect and improve the welfare of residents in staff accommodation and workers’ villages across the GCC.


In the modern world Wi-Fi has become the lifeline of any business. The client сompany was born from the idea that Wi-Fi connectivity should be fast & reliable, wherever you go and whenever you need it.

B2Connect’s goals were to:

  • Deliver Wi-Fi connection across large estates;
  • Improve internet kiosks’ efficiency, as there were problems with client payments records and management;
  • Effectively solve problems related to with network management in staff accommodation;
  • Develop a mobile application for managing Wi-Fi packages and payments;
  • Unify disparate information about tariffs, clients, and payments into a single system;
  • Promote B2Connect’s e-shop via the developed mobile app.

Solution Description

Inventale has developed a user-friendly mobile app for B2 Connect with 2 modules: Smart Wi-Fi and Easy Shopping. Every user can pay a Wi-Fi subscription fee in a few clicks or buy the latest gadgets and accessories one click away.

Also, our specialists set integration with payment services and integrated the online store in the earlier developed Android application.

B2 Connect application

Technology Background

The backend infrastructure is fully deployed in the <b>AWS cloud</b>, which, together with usage of the <b>Infrastructure-as-a-code</b> patterns, made it possible to obtain horizontal scaling and the ability to deploy several stands, e.g. staging, QA, in a short time. The use of <b>microservice architecture</b> enabled the deployment and maintenance of different parts of the products separately (backend for mobile applications, backend for internet kiosks, management ui, management api, applications for data sync).

Both the Android client and the backend have been written in the modern <b>Kotlin</b> language using cutting-edge frameworks, libraries and technologies like <b>document recognition</b>.

B2 Connect support screen

Results and Current Status

Inventale’s team has successfully covered all B2 Connect’s needs, having delivered:

  • A mobile application, allowing the users to manage Wi-Fi packages and use B2 Connect’s e-shop. Later on a news integrator was embedded by the client’s request
  • The solution provided the client with full control over their users and business processes, serving as a monitoring and management portal
  • The system was integrated with payment, e-commerce, user management services to have everything in one platform
  • Internet kiosks were synchronized with the client’s inventory system, and the problem with user payments management and control was solved

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