Brand Affinity: Platform for Brand Compliance Monitoring, Analytics and Audit Automation

Client Company

Majid Al Futtaim is a leading holding company in the Middle East and North Africa (owner of shopping malls, retail, and leisure establishments).


After Majid AL Futtaim consolidation in 2014, the company  was looking for a brand affinity platform for regular brand compliance monitoring and analytics to ensure that all brand standards are kept at the highest level in all the 17 countries the holding operates in.

Solution Description

In a partnership with Dragoman, Inventale  has developed a master platform  that stores all necessary information for audit about the holding's affiliated companies and enables its users to set standards, control, monitor, and perform different types of analytics. It offers very flexible tasks and templates building functionality, export, and sharing possibilities.
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The Brand Affinity platform offers 3 user role types for:
  1. Audit Assignment - audit initiation, setting standards, formulating the list of assets and scoring criteria
  2. Audit Results Check - results evaluation and commenting, recommendations on audit optimization
  3. Comprehensive Analytics - analysis of audit database by various parameters like dates, country, asset/item type and the like

How It Works

The data analysis enables one to unify the report and audit data from different branches of the organization and, complementing them with historical data, provide real-time statistics and analytics on audit performance.
The template builder of the platform uses the Design Guidelines the client has set up. It helps to easily create and edit documents according to corporate standards.
The backend infrastructure of the system is fully deployed in the AWS cloud, which, together with Elastic Load Balancing, makes storage easy and distributes load efficiently.
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Results and Current Status

  • The Brand Affinity platform has become the client’s essential tool for regular brand compliance control and monitoring;
  • Besides the properly-functioning portal for brand audit & analytics, Inventale’s team together with Dragoman developed a PWA (Progressive Web Application) for the client;
  • Inventale stays in touch and assists Majid AL Futtaim Group if any problems appear.
As a result, the client saw the following benefits:
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Reduction in cost (minimum)
Decrease in brand non-compliance
Saving in time (management)
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