To future colleagues

We are continually looking for projects that can benefit from our skills and experience. We also launch and develop our own products. Therefore, developers, designers, data scientists, etc. are always welcomed at Inventale

Joining our team, you will get

A healthy balance between creative challenges and daily routine

Behind each inspiring project stand both a creative search and analysis as well as systematic work, so both diligent and enterprising specialists will find tasks to their liking

Career growth

We run several projects in parallel - each team member has the opportunity to prove themselves

Professional development

We study, test, and apply new technologies; take courses and attend conferences; regularly acquire up-to-date literature for our library

Great team

Bureaucracy, strict subordination, blind adherence to instructions - this is not about Inventale. What we have is a team of like-minded people who help each other and the company to progress

Want to work on complex and exciting tasks together?

Write to, we’ll be delighted to talk to you