Inventale's Solution Lab: How We Work

How to turn the idea into a successful project that benefits people and makes them happier? Often this question remains open and is the main challenge in bringing ideas to life. Having 20+ years of software development and work experience in Big Data, machine learning and AI algorithms, Inventale can claim that the main component of success is the team.

Indeed, the right choice of a partner (software development team) and efficient collaboration with them is definitely the secret of the project’s success. Previously, we have already talked about how to deduce whether the partnership would be fruitful. Being on the market, not for the first year, we know that such a team that is not primarily focused on achieving KPIs but on delivering the results that make clients happy is most effective. In this article, we will tell you in detail about each Inventale project stage and lift the veil of Inventale’s Solution Lab.

Our team has been delivering full-cycle projects for 20+ years. We help clients grow an idea into a full-scale, successfully functioning solution and accompany them after the system goes live, moving it forward.

5 main phases of project development by the Inventale team: Discover, Document & Design, Develop & Test, Deploy, and Support.

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Phase 1. Discover.

Everything starts with a series of client meetings. We get to know each other and discuss the idea, goals set by the client, and the expected timelines for implementation. Within 1 week, we conduct a requirements analysis and marketing research, if necessary. We dive deeply into the client’s business, study the market niche, and explore whether the solution is relevant. Inventale always looks for the brightest and most interesting projects, focusing only on those we strongly believe in. Therefore, our team studies and tests the concept of the project thoroughly. All the information collected during the first meeting is used to plan the basic project approach.

The result of the analysis is a commercial proposal (Commercial Proposal Document). Traditionally, it consists of several possible project development stages, various technical approaches usually used to minimize risks, workload estimation, success criteria, project cost, etc.


Phase 2. Document & Design.

The next stage is an essential one. After collecting and analyzing the client’s requirements, we convert them into an initial project plan, which will be refined and complemented as the development progresses.

Accurate research at this phase saves time and helps to avoid many mistakes during implementation and the following steps. Within 3-4 weeks, we determine the scope of work, agree on a clear, concise document with requirements and a functional specification, and do prototyping to confirm and clarify the final vision of the project. As a result, we provide design and mockups, solution architecture, and a Client Requirements Document.


Phase 3. Develop & Test.

Develop & Test is a key stage of project development. It consists of several iterations, the number and duration of each depend on the project specifics and complexity. After analyzing and elaborating on the requirements, preparing the documentation, and designing the solution, we proceed to the first phase of the project development. The program code, various modules, and features are developed based on the documents approved at the previous stages. The more precisely the client’s requirements are formulated, and the more clearly and correctly this documentation is written, the faster the implementation will go.

Our development and QA teams do their best to have the written code and the interaction of new features with other modules fully covered by the unit and integration tests. After each development step, the system undergoes internal testing and proceeds with the necessary adjustments and fine-tuning.

Bugs are registered, tracked, fixed, and re-tested. This cycle repeats until the project version reaches the quality standards specified in the documentation and fully satisfies the client. The development team also adds the final touches and improves the solution technically, adding new features.

In most cases, the development process is traditionally divided into 3 parts: proof of concept (PoC), minimum viable product (MVP), and production (final) version; but depending on the agreement with each client can be adjusted to its needs and policy. After completing the initial development and approval of the PoC, Inventale refines the client’s requirements, preferences, and comments. We go through the Design, Development, Implementation, Testing & Fine-tuning stages and provide the MVP. 

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The next step is traditionally the completion and release of the Production Version. Our team follows this step-by-step approach to minimize risk, reduce development costs, and ensure that the solution meets all client goals and expectations.

Phase 4. Deploy.

After most of the work is done and we agree on the Production Version, we still need to do some user-acceptance testing. It will reveal hidden defects and allow the fixing of bugs promptly.

As a result of phase 4, the client receives a fully-functioning software product that they launch to the market.

Phase 5. Support.

After the launch and final debugging of the system, the project moves to the support stage. We offer our clients 3 options to choose from:

1 - Our team provides full technical support and solves any problems that might appear.

2 - Inventale not only provides technical support but continues elaborating on the solution by adding new functionality and custom requests. 

3 - We completely transfer our development to the client side, and its team supports it independently.

The Inventale team consists of talented and trustworthy professionals. We take on challenging and exciting projects that match our expertise and pay special attention to detail. We are open and stand for transparency at every stage of project development. So it is always easy for the client to monitor the progress of all business processes in real time.

Share your idea with us, and let our team turn it into a successful project!

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