SPORTEX: Sports Statistics Using AI and Video Recognition

Client Company

UK sports-betting operator

Solution Description

A POC project that can benefit gaming/sports betting, both platform operators and odds-making teams. The customer needed the solution for football match analysis. The platform gives an additional stream of statistics in near real-time for game analysis purposes using video to provide positional and relative statistics. Its advanced functionality offers performance predictions based on historical data.

Basic version coversAdvanced capabilities are
Player Recognition (team, number, appearance, position, gate), their pace/speedPlayer and team performance - current vs. historical (player pace and activity, team position and ball possession)
Player contacts and outputs (tackle, tackle break, foul, turnover)Player actions with the ball vs. historical performance
Set play actions: throw-in, corner, free kick, goal kick, penalty / start location / end locationPotential Injury Identification: sudden flag changes in pace or performance
Set play results: Initiation / Action Result / Success / FailureAll performance stats relative to grounds (home, new field) and pitch conditions (weather, time of day)
Ball movements, positions, action types and success rates (shot / pass / success / failure)Modeling of performance predictions (player, team) based on historical data with real-time adjustments

Technology background

Neural networks and machine learning algorithms are the core of this solution:

  • Video Processing

    based on an open-cv library (a classical pipeline for video processing)
  • Object Detection

    a fast open-source solution based on dlib C++ Library
  • Person Recognition

    usage of machine learning models based on Tensorflow framework
  • Unique Counting

    a proprietary hashing algorithm for future re-identification
  • Demographics

    checking is performed via services that provide data on BSSID and its location (eg., GPS data)

Results and Current Status

The POC proved successful, and the applied technologies and algorithms are now being tested for horse-racing analytics and forecasting. Since there is a clear market-movement towards automated video statistics generation, reporting, and data-mining, this technology has several use cases in different fields.

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