YourStylist: Personal Stylist, an AI-Based Mobile Application

Client Company

Russian-based partner company, a client for Inventale Ad Inventory Forecasting and Optimization Platform

Illustration with mobile app screens

Solution Description

Personal pocket stylist that is always at hand and helps both with an everyday choice of user’s clothes from their wardrobe as well as getting trendy ideas from online shops. The application enables one to find their style considering age, body type, personal color analysis, user preferences, current trends, etc.

Technology background

Al-algorithms and Machine Learning as the basis of the App’s recommendation engine. The expert system analyses billions of clothes combinations and offers the best matching items from the user’s clothes assortment and online shops. The system’s primary characteristics are:

  • Personal

    considers the user’s appearance, wardrobe, occasion, preferences
  • Real-time

    analyzes photos to give recommendations as the user visits shops or pictures clothing anywhere
  • Professional

    all recommendations are made by AI based on expertise of professional stylists
  • Virtual Fitting Room

    shows how the user will look in the chosen clothes, both with the items from the wardrobe or a shop
  • Universal

    connected with online retailers, selects the options most suitable by style and price
  • Self-Learning

    likes and dislikes are the basis for adjusting recommendations

Results and Current Status

The pilot application supports English and Russian languages, has been successfully tested in Russia and the USA and received positive feedback from the test group of hundreds of users.

We and our partner are now seeking investment to complete the implementation and release the product into the world market.

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