Configuring Cloud Services for Your Business Needs

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Inventale offers cloud architecture design and implementation, as well as all types of cloud consulting services (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)

We have been working with AWS for 10+ years, and during this time have gained huge experience in cost optimization and building various AWS-based infrastructure types founded upon requirements and wishes of our clients. At Inventale, we have certified AWS-specialists, and we keep enlarging and complementing this team

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If you are planning to start working with AWS, we

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  1. Advise on the solutions most suitable for your business needs

  2. Enable seamless migration of your infrastructure to Amazon

  3. Build scalable and reliable application architecture based on AWS stack

We consider different scenarios of:

  • data replication and storage lifecycle
  • load balancing
  • automatic changes in processing capacity depending on current or expected workload
  • monitoring of applications and automatic system reaction on deviations in key indicators

If you already use AWS, we

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    Reduce AWS service costs by 5-35%

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    Calculate and compare monthly AWS and your on-premises server costs

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    Find you the optimal stack of AWS services

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    Set a monitoring tool to track changes in costs and performance figures

Our expertise lies in

  • Migration of on-premise infrastructure to Cloud
  • Usage of Infrastructure as a Code paradigm based on CloudFormation / AWS CLI
  • Building of auto-scalable clusters on the basis of ECS / EKS / Lambda
  • Building of Data Lake based on API Gateway + Kinesis + S3 + Glue + Athena
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Our specialists have been working with AWS from 2010 and regularly pass necessary recertification procedures.

We also support

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