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The story of our company began with developments in the field of data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Our primary focus has been optimization and forecasting systems in the online advertising sphere. During the last 20 years, we have multiplied our knowledge in this field. Our multinational Data Science team speaks English, French and Arabic, and our specialists take challenging analytical tasks with great enthusiasm
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Inventale’s expertise includes


Application of Machine Learning methods (Decision Tree/Random Forest/Linear Regression/SVM/Naive Bayes) for solving objects classification tasks and forecasting various KPI-metrics


Practical usage of factorization machines based on xLearn/libFM libraries for forecasting users behavior, built on big unstructured data


Huge experience in working with python ML libraries (pandas/sklearn/Jupyter notebooks) for solving analytical tasks of finding correlations and patterns in data

Practical tasks we can help with are

data structuring and classification


search for dependencies and hidden patterns

data enrichment

behavior patterns prediction

natural language processing

Our vast experience in the field of machine learning and Big Data can be applied to any industry that assumes work with big data volumes.
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