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Inventale has extensive experience in developing web, desktop and mobile applications for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux from simple (such as dashboard or portal) to complex enterprise-solutions
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Software Products Development

We offer full-cycle product development, including

  1. market research and demand analysis, customer niche identification

  2. forming of product concept/idea

  3. design and prototyping

  4. implementation

  5. internal- and user-acceptance testing

  6. Market Promotions

  7. product release and, when needed – its promotion on the market

Integration with Other Systems

Our long-term experience includes various integrations with different platforms and systems – from standard to custom:

  • Ad Servers

  • Header Bidding platforms


  • Private Market Places

  • Agency Trading Desks

  • 3rd Party Data Providers

  • DMP, CRM, etc.

  • Cloud Storage Providers

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Developed IТ-infrastructures go out of date. The technology market constantly enhances, new, more effective and, at the same time, cost-efficient tools are released. In our practice, we also have lots of cases when our clients work with a set of tools, wasting time copying data from one system to another. We will be happy to help you optimize your business processes to release your time for business tasks of higher priority.

Technology stack upgradeReduced costs
System components fine-tuningAll system components are fully utilized
Cloud services setupOptimized response time
Monitoring and analysis

Other Services